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Donut KIngs "Henceforth"
Donut Kings brand new album featuring the debut of Aaron Brennan on bass & Chapmain Stick..





09. Three Halves Man
10. The Devil Saved My Lif
11. Queen of Night
12. I Know You Better
01. Sodium Vapor Lights
02. Toaster Oven On Your Front Lawn
03. Admiral Cotterpin's Amazing Flerovium Dirigible
04. A Rich Murder
05. Vacuum Man
06. What's Going On?
07. Memories of Happy Land
08. Side Effects


Donut KIngs "Paranormal"
Donut Kings take an out-of-this world turn with the release of Paranormal. This pop-rock, still one foot firmly placed in the garage album takes the listener to new places.





01. Aliens Stole the Hot Tub
02. Sasquatch Woman
03. Bigfoot
04. Telemarketers Suck
05. Cracks in the Ceiling
06. Yeti Gonna Get Me
07. Nessie
08. She's Fallen in Love with the Monster Man


Creature Machine "Stripped Clean"
The new ablum by retro rockers Creature Machine. With the addition of Vinny Falkowski (Roadhorse) on drums they ride on a new thunderous sound. A newly recorded version of fan favorite Tiny Pieces of Little Wounds is featured.





01. Seal My Fate
02. Tiny Pieces of Little Wounds
03. Stripped Clean
04. Iron Blanket
05. Monsoon Thumb
06. Cold Fire
07. Crystal Goddess
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Translucent Industry
The debut of the electronic synth duo Translucent Industry. This synth laden album is reminicent of Depeche Mode, OMD and the Cure. This 7 track continuous play album contains 6 originals. The sole cover on this album is Photographic originally by Depeche Mode.





01. Becoming a Machine
02. Photographic
03. Tell Me (Here and Now)
04. Animals Die
05. Step Out of Your World
06. 2.28.15
07. The End of the Day, Pts. I & II
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Donut Kings "2014"
The end product of releasing a single a month in 2014. Compiled here are all 12 singles plus the radio edit of Facebook Therapy.





01. Dancing Larry
02. Who Stole my Helicopter
03. Facebook Therapy
04. Tastes Like Chicken
05. No Known Gnomes in Nome
06. Transmission
07. Pushin' On
08. Shades
09. Jack in the Box
10. New Monster Blues
11. Jerry Lewis Kung Fu Warrior
12. Creepy Guy in the Laundromat
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Creature Machine "II"
The second EP from Creature Machine. CM takes up from where thier first EP left off. This EP crushes the silence with some uptempo numbers, but also takes room to breath.





1. Criticize
2. Cold Fire
3. All but Gone
4. 1000 Ways to Die
5. Air I Choke
6. Ride the Cute Pony
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Creature Machine "Debut EP"
The debut EP from Creature Machine. Influenced by the vacuum tubed thunder of late 60's and 70's heavy rock. Might be described as "Black Sabbath if fronted by Joan Jett."





1. Tiny Pieces of Little Wounds
2. Dig Inside
3. Honey I Lied
4. Piece of Mind
5. Queen of the Galaxy
6. The World Is Going to Take Us
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HydroElectric "Space Dirt"
HydroElectric's long awaited debut album is finally here! Nine tracks of space rock at its finest. From start to finish, this album will take you through a journey of emotions and thoughts that will leave you lying on the floor trying to figure out what planet you are on. Turn to Gray blasts off with a dose of heavy psych rock, Sleepwalking takes a turn to the rock side, Edge of the World (with special guest J Mascis on lead guitar) brings you to the edge of time and space and War Inside My Head hits you with multiple hammers to finish the job.


1. Turn to Gray
2. Cut Me Down
3. Heroic Dose
4. Sleepwalking
5. Edge of the World
6. Put You Away
7. Doctor Who
8. What You Deserve
9. War Inside My Head

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HydroElectric "Logo Tee-shirt"
HydroElectric' logo tee-shirt. Available in S, M, L & XL. Available in any color as long as it's black.






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Donut Kings "The Halloween Album"
It may not always be Halloween, but you can get in the "spirit" anytime of the year with this creepy concept album. Grandpa and his grandchild take you on a journey through haunted houses, glowing witches and even sharks! All this with the Donut Kings playing their brand of eclectic music.




1. Hoppin' Hippy Zombies
2. Great Grandpa Is A Ghost
3. Skeleton Jump
4. Phosphorescent Witches
5. Monster Surf Boogie (On Zombie Beach)
6. Spider Goo
7. Demons and Wizards
8. Soul Reaper
9. Eyrie House Ruins (Halloween version)

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Donut Kings "Pub With No Beer" Single (Download)
Donut Kings have a history of playing and recording "beer songs." Their most popular beer song is the re-make of a re-make of sort's, the classic "In Heaven There is No Beer" (from 1999's FAPLUNK.) Another popular tune Finnegan's Drink (from 1996's No Evacuation Possible) was a song about a drinking glass kept behind a glass case by one of its famous long dead patrons, Mr. Finnegan. In the song the new patron admires the drinking glass. But in the end he gets his due with his glass being placed next to Finnegans. The name Finnegan was a nod to the classic pub-drinking song Finnegan's Wake.

Being fond of the barley and hop concoction, the Donut Kings, over the years would eventually play the traditional Finnegan's Wake song live; especially when they would play Holyoke's Paper City Brewery on their now famous Friday Night Samplers. The boys eventually decided to record the song proper. Along with it they recorded Gordon Parson's Pub With No Beer. Most people mistake this for an Irish tune, but it actually was written in Australia. In fact the song was voted #5 on the Best Australian Songs of all time by the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA).

Here the Donut Kings take two classic staples and rock them up the way only the Donut Kings can do. Gone is the 3/4 time of Pub With No Beer replaced with a rocked out 4/4 time version giving it a bit of Green Day meets the Dubliners feel. Finnegan's Wake is Boston style Celtic Punk with distorted guitars along with a traditional 1918 tenor banjo. These are the NEW pub classics...the NEW drinking songs!

1. Pub With No Beer
2. Finnegan's Wake



Donut Kings "Seven"
Seven is the most rocking Donut Kings ever! The Donut Kings add a second guitarist (Marty Irizarry) with this release to make the Donuts a 4 piece. This time they take some new roads. Yes, you'll still get a taste of the quirkinesses that you have been accustomed to, but the new roads are big, heavy, and are pure guitar heaven. Think of this as the Hellacopters meet Deep Purple with a side of Clutch and Queens of the Stone Age thrown in for good measure.

Irizarry complements Haberern's melodic guitar. There are some of the most interesting guitar harmonies this side of Skynyrd. The guitars on this record sound like you are sitting between two freight trains. Pure joy. The drums and bass are no slouches here either. Crowell's thunderous vintage kit paired with Desgres's growly Rickenbacker lay down a perfect bed for the guitars and Hammond. Did we mention the Hammond.

Dan Ryan guests on Hammond Organ. Yes, a real Hammond from the 1940's was used to record the tracks. Dan sure knows how to play it as well. His style is very reminiscent of Deep Purple's Jon Lord.

01. Anserine Prayer
02. Who Do You Think You Are
03. Fall Fall Fall
04. Eyrie House Ruins
05. Fast Food
06. Long Time Comin'
07. Vehicle
08. Ya No Se
09. Motorhead
10. Wella Wellstone

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Donut Kings "Nothinghead"
The 2005 release by Donut Kings. A somewhat "covers" album as the Donut boys do 6 cover ranging from Ricky Martin to the Beatles.





01. Nothinghead
02. Tonka
03. Merry Go Round
04. Anyone's Daughter
05. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
06. Search & Destroy
07. You Know It Baby
08. Electric Fun For All (Electric Funeral)
09. Livin La Vida Loca
10. Johnny's Teeth
11. Down The Highway
12. Another Beer Blues
13. Hey Bulldog
14. Record Over
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Donut Kings "FAPLUNK"
The most successful Donut Kings album. 1999's FAPLUNK features the covers In Heaven There is No beer and I Wanna Be Santaded (Sedated) both played on the Doctor Demento Show.





01. Drag Racing Robot
02. Stubby The Runner
03. Skateboard Surfer
04. In Heaven There Is No Beer
05. Dad's Desoto
06. Be Honest
07. Monster Surf Boogie
08. Good Girl
09. Sergeant Stupid
10. Where Did You Go?
11. Spider Goo
12. Another Pint Of Beer
13. A Little Pinch
14. I Wanna Be Santaded (Sedated)
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Donut Kings "No Evacuation Possible"
1996's No Evacuation Possible is very much of its time. Rock and funk groves galore.





01. Ethyl's Song
02. Tractor Salesman From Idaho
03. Nate's Planting Shrubbery In The Dark
04. Brush Your Teeth
05. Finnegan's Drink
06. Potholes
07. I've Fallen And I Can't Get Down
08. Great Grandpa Is A Ghost
09. Rodent
10. Shades
11. Inner Sanctum
12. Every Day Dave
13. School Food
14. Clipper Chip
15. Marvin Bizmark
16. Mesmerized By Sonic Beams
17. I Want My 8-Tracks Back
18. Potholes (revisited)
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In 1939, John Lair welcomed the nation to his hometown located in the foothills of Kentucky. Out of the small quaint setting known as Renfro Valley he brought music and entertainment to millions who loved to hear the songs they grew up on. Broadcasting live in a rural setting was a unique way to present the Renfro Valley Barn Dance.

In the early days, John Lair would write songs to tell mountain stories and have talented people from the foothills perform them on radio. The entertainers featured on this CD, such as Red Foley, The Coon Creek Girls, Old Joe Clark and so on, represent just a sampling of all the acts who performed on the stage in Renfro Valley over the past sixty years.

His love for music is captured in this collection of old time country songs, many of which were written by John Lair himself. Also included in this soundtrack is music by Old Crow Medicine Show, an exciting new band that truly captures the music from days gone by.

So come on along and enjoy the Renfro Valley Barn Dance, hosted by John Lair!

01. Announcer 0:30
02. Train On The Island - Old Crow Medicine Show 2:10
03. Renfro Valley Square Dance - Renfro Valley Entertainers 1:31
04. Little Birdie - Bluegrass Drifters 2:26
05. In Renfro Valley Tonight - Ginger Callahan 2:27
06. Take Me Back To Renfro Valley - Red Foley 3:25
07. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Coy Priddy 3:19
08. Kitty Clyde - Old Crow Medicine Show 2:56
09. Scarlet Town - Jim Gaskin, Bobby Slone & Don Gulley 1:19
10. Winking At Me - Little Eller 2:51
11. Fly Around My Daisy - Old Joe Clark 1:32
12. Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Offa Me - Fairly Holden 2:50
13. Holy Ghost Feeling - Wayne Combs, Pam Perry, Don Gulley & Jeff Watson 2:13
14. Bring Me Back My Blue Eyed Boy - Old Crow Medicine Show 3:11
15. Take Me Back To Renfro Valley - Old Crow Medicine Show 4:10
16. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat - Coon Creek Girls 1:34
17. A Chevy-Kaiser-Olds-Mo-Laca-Stud-War-Linco-Baker - Pete Stamper 2:11
18. In The Valley Where Time Stands Still - Russ and Jo Nell Fisher 2:24
19. You Walk By - Homer & Jethro 1:48
20. Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Offa Me - Old Crow Medicine Show 1:59
21. Devil?s Dream - Slim Miller 1:31
22. Huckleberry Bill - Boyd Ingram 2:33
23. Turkey In The Straw - Emory Martin 2:08
24. Little Birdie - Old Crow Medicine Show 3:49
25. Goodbye - John Lair 0:15

This CD also contains an enhanced portion:

Tear It Down - Old Crow Medicine Show
Fly Around My Daisy - Old Joe Clark
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat - Coon Creek Girls
A Chevy-Kaiser-Olds-Mo-Laca-Stud-War-Linco-Baker - Pete Stamper

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